Links We Love     The tai chi community is usually very isolated.  That’s because it has no governing body or organization – which can be a really good thing!!! But it also means that a lot of good tai chi students and teachers never get to meet each other.  How sad…  How much knowledge is lost or never transmitted?  How many friends and close relationships never form between people interested in the same thing?  How much fun & memories never get formed in this lifetime?  

All because there is nowhere to go.
Well, Tai Chi Gala has SOLVED that for all people interested in tai chi and the related Chinese healing and martial arts!
Before, tai chi only had tournaments.  But that is often an aggressive (and very expensive) environment.  Tai Chi Gala is all about camaraderie and just remembering that life… is meant to be enjoyed.  Enjoy it with tai chi (and other Chinese arts!) every spring. Go to a positive space.  Go to Tai Chi Gala.  Tai Chi in northern NJ.  Traditional lineage of Grandmaster Jou Tsung Hwa  ORGANIZED curriculum of online tai chi study.  No haphazard stuff.  Step by step, with traditional principles kept intact too!  A great “portable private lesson” that you can learn and follow along with anytime, anywhere.